I have nearly finished a large portrait of Suzanne Rheinstein's living room and these are some details. I like how the decalomania lamp echos the plantings outside the window. The embroidered cushion and the Italian chair are a color and pattern of which I would never tire. And, the oil painting was so much fun to translate.

I noticed a very similar painting in the home of another Southerner, Furlow Gatewood. Mr. Gatewood's painting also features a peacock, turkey, chickens, and a hovering dove.  It hangs in his Peacock House. I wondered if there was a story to these paintings.  A quick search led me to Marmaduke Cradock, 1660-1717. I read on the Tate website that his bird paintings reflect the increasing curiosity in the natural world and the drive to classify different species of his time. They are interesting and lovely, I will have to ask.