This is inventory presently on my studio shelf, a volume of The Selected Letters of Eugene Delacroix is on my library shelf.


About Delacroix's letter writing, I will give you a sample of the enormously varied closings:

Farewell, ever yours  *  Please accept my renewed thanks  *  Goodbye, my dear good fellow  *  Goodbye, a thousand embraces and write to me  * Farewell,farewell  *  I take my leave of you, thanking you once again for your letter and assuring you of my sincere affection  *  Remember me affectionately  *  I clasp your hand with true gratitude  *  All my sincerest thanks and friendly regards  *  I have only room left to tell you that I shall always love you.


I find him to be genuine, warm, and intelligent.  "For in letters," Delacroix wrote, "a man stands revealed."