The picture above is Tiepolo's fresco Figure of Asia from the stairwell of the Residenz Wurzberg.  The image is in the public Domain from Wikimedia.

"It is inevitable-and right- to see his frescoes as a novel in installments, where the same characters meet up, from one end of Europe to the other, changing-sometimes only minimally-costume and pose.  They are a crowded caravan, swaying, more gypsylike than courtly. They emerge from and plunge into tents like the one with blue and white stripes-long, low, and mysterious-painted on the ceiling above the grand staircase in Wurzburg."  Tiepolo Pink  Roberto Calasso

Please don't miss the billowing ivory tent behind everything in the fresco.  Could the figures at the elephant's trunk be magi? Priscilla asked for tents in holiday paper to ship this week to Hollyhock.  When I found these papers in orange and gold I was certain they were right.